“Sepia” is an amazingly aesthetic work with praiseworthy performances, by the dancers, based on the “Kinetica” movement language developed by choreographer Nadine Bommer. It is wholly a composition of motorial materials, whether linked to body, or as a unification of movement by the dancer who emphasizes the finest of nuances. Particularly impressive was the solo in which the dancer stands for a period on the ball of one foot, perfectly balanced. (Ruth Eshel, Haaretz)

“Nadine Bommer has wisely raised and trained highly professional dancers wholly devoted to the art of dance. They show excellent technique, stage presence and expressiveness…” (Rahel Bielski Cohen, Artistic Director, Israel Festival)

“…Nadine Bommer is one of the more interesting choreographers… Bommer puts a talented troupe of dancers onstage, and they expertly demonstrate the unique language of movement which she fastidiously developed over the years…” (City Mouse)

About Sepia

Sepia is a 60-minute contemporary dance work depicting imaginatively evolved creatures who merge the past, present, and future with their powerful presence. Journeying through a world of their own creation, these creatures display a feminine strength, ability to change, and inherent danger through the signature Nadine Bommer movement language.

Choreography: Nadine Bommer

Sound: Nevo Yemini

Costumes: Inbal Ben Zaken

Performed by 3-6 dancers