Animato Art is the unique dance style developed by choreographer Nadine Bommer. Animato Art is an alternative dance theater method drawing its inspiration from diverse forms of media and presenting through an innovative movement language, integrating mind and body, and creating a direct personal dialogue with the audience. Animato Art is the outcome of two previous developmental stages: Nevet and Kinetica, both inherently tied to nature particularly the sea.


This improvisational method is inspired by endless motion of the sea and of the Kinetic energy, kinetica gives a step by step process to create a uniquely personal movement language. It cultivates full control of fluid, malleable and expensive movement using internal listening. The technique brings the dancer to a state of “losing the bodily form”. Control of kinetics allows the dancer to “sketch” and demonstrate the movement of energy in the space with their body. Keenly listening brings the dancer to move uniquely in a continuous and fascinating manner.


Strengthening the dancer’s classical technique from a different perspective. Bommer entices dancers into a world of sensation and imagination, teaching them through experiences of innovative technical work to feel and navigate the body’s muscles. Her method hones a stable quality stance in the space, eventuating in a balance between maximum bodywork which requires minimum effort.


By this stage, dancers are fluent in the Nevet and Kinetica language and are able to advance to Nadine Bommer’s method of creation: Animato.
In seeking to empower the experience of movement, Bommer creates a diversity of figures and situations which challenge the dancer into expressive and artistic creation. This stage of dance development relies on the totality of movement with belief in character and situation, the combination of which expand the kinetic language and produce the stunning onstage energy that has become the hallmark of Nadine Animato dancers.