American Cinema


“An excellent group of dancers. Each brings a different character to the stage and succeeds in conveying the character assigned to him or her with prowess.” Tali Mahlev, The City

“Nadine Bommer is doing it again. In her particularized way, she breaks with the familiar rules of the game and proposes a different body language for the stage, genius in its own way and extraordinary…” (Gallery, Haaretz)

“A charming performance, refreshing, convincing, and rife with humor which slides smoothly down one’s throat as great fun… the language of movement is precise, flowing and impressive…” (Naama Lanski, Israel Today)

About American Cinema

American Cinema is a theatrical dance comedy exploring the nuances of cinematic experience through diverse characters in two parts. In part one marionettes react to a film through their operator’s point of view. Later in part two, people translate the puppets’ responses into human reactions, offering a second depiction of the emotions brought out in the movie going experience.

Choreography: Nadine Bommer

Sound: Ween Brothers

Costumes: Efrat Aravot

Performed by 5 dancers